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As Greenwood’s official Certified Financial Planner Rianka R. Dorsainvil, CFP® shares her personal financial nuggets via Greenwood Daily bites.

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Tax Tuesdays, Greenwood Daily

How To Navigate The Compensation Conversation – Part 2

Aired on: 19 Jul, 2022
It’s time for an interview and you’re nervous about the compensation part of the conversation. Listen in to part 2 of the career advancement series as I share how to get the best pay of your career.
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Money Mondays, Greenwood Daily

The Difference Between A Mentor and A Sponsor – Part 1

Aired on: 18 Jul, 2022
If you are trying to level up on your career - this week's career advancement series is for you! First up, let’s talk about the difference between a sponsor and mentor. Note, they are not the same – here’s the difference.
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Family Finances Fridays, Greenwood Daily

Ways To Start Collecting Airline Rewards for Your Child

Aired on: 15 Jul, 2022
Is your child a frequent flier like you? You may want to consider creating a profile for them with your preferred airline. Let me share why and how!
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Protecting the Wealth Thursdays

Quick Facts About Inflation

Aired on: 14 Jul, 2022
You keep hearing about inflation, and unfortunately it does not appear to be going anywhere, any time soon. With the feds raising rates, what does this mean for you and your wallet?
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Tax Tuesdays, Greenwood Daily

Tax Benefits To Working Oversees as an Expat

Aired on: 12 Jul, 2022
Have you considered working abroad? Well here is a tax exclusion that may get you packing your bags… today! Listen in.
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Small Business Wednesdays

Ways To Save As A Small Business Owner

Aired on: 29 Jun, 2022
Are you a small solo business owner without a retirement account? Here are a few accounts you may want to consider to continue building wealth.
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