Greenwood’s resilient, hard-working residents rebuilt the district without receiving a penny in compensation for their losses. By 1925 there were at least a hundred more businesses than there were before the 1921 Massacre. This carried on well into the 1960s, when anti-segregation laws and policies meant black people could do business in places they weren’t allowed to before. But Greenwood is still an important hub for African-American social, economical and cultural activities. Among the many centers of activity are:

Greenwood Cultural Center

A not-for-profit, charitable, cultural and educational organization that provides educational experiences, promotes cultural exchanges and educational tourism. They are also the keepers of the flame for the history of Black Wall Street. They showcase the Mabel B. Little Heritage House; the rebuilt home of 1921 Massacre survivors Sam and Lucy Mackey. The GCC also serves the community through its award-winning summer and after school programs, including the “Young Entrepreneurs’’ Summer Program, the Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools Summer and After Schools Program and Orbit, a theater-arts program provided in collaboration with the Tulsa Performing Arts Center. The Greenwood Cultural Center is located on 322 N. Greenwood Ave Tulsa, OK 74120 and can be contacted by phone (918-596-1020) or email at mechellebrown@greenwoodculturalcenter.com.

Vernon African Methodist Episcopal Church

A church that can trace its history way back to the origins of Greenwood itself. African Methodism came to Tulsa in 1905. It started at a one-room house, then moved around a few times before purchasing the current site in 1908. The initial building was torn down in 1914 and a brick basement for a new church was constructed. Though left in ruins after the Riot, Vernon AME started serving the community almost immediately after. For example, this basement hosted the graduation for Booker T. Washington’s class of 1921. The main church building was completed and formally reopened in 1928. This building still stands today as a testimony to the persistence and spirit of the people of Greenwood. It’s located at 311 North Greenwood Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74102 and you can contact them by phone at (918-587-1428).

Black Wall Street Gallery

 is located in the heart of historic Greenwood. They aim to bring people of all races together using the arts, music, theater and education. You can visit them at 10 N Greenwood Ave, Suite B and contact them by email at info@bwsgallery.com.

Tee’s Barber Shop

run by Willie Sells, is a great place to satisfy your hair care needs. Willie graduated from Tyler Barber College in Texas in 1963 and has been working at Tee’s since 1985, when it was still owned by Wilburt Tecumseh, who passed the barber shop on to his daughters after his death in 2003. In 2015, Tecumseh’s daughters agreed to sell the business to Willie, who continues to run it to this day. If you need a haircut, or just want to visit for a while, Tee’s is located at 120 N. Greenwood Ave and you can contact them by phone at (918-584-1189).

Wanda J’s Restaurant

Wanda Jefferson Armstrong, more commonly known as Wanda J,, has been in the restaurant business for over 45 years, owning several establishments almost always called “Wanda J’s” and serving southern comfort/soul food. Wanda J’s Next Generation is their eatery in the historic Greenwood district. It has been called an “absolute must stop” and a “little restaurant with the biggest, warmest welcome” by reviewers and it’s a great place to stop for a bite or get some takeout when you’re in Greenwood. Wanda J’s is at 111 North Greenwood Ave. and you can call them for a reservation at (918-861-4142).

The Loc Shop on Black Wall Street

Gina Woods is the person to go for loc styling, maintenance or repair and also offers some nice jewelry you can purchase. The Loc Shop is at 101 N. Greenwood, Suite 103. You can also contact her by phone (918-955-2110) or email (thelocshoptulsa@gmail.com).

Frios Gourmet Pops

Frios was started with a couple of popsicle molds and a home freezer, in a garage, by a guy who was sick of corporate life. He would make the pops and sell them at local events and they quickly became popular. Frios sold its first franchise in 2017. Today, Frios is the country’s largest gourmet pop franchising company, with over 40 franchise locations all across the US. If you’re wandering around Greenwood and feel like a tasty fruit-based or ice cream pop, you can find a Frios at 105 N. Greenwood Ave. You can also contact them by phone (918-949-9879) or email (friostulsa@gmail.com).