Earn Your Leisure x Greenwood

Greenwood is a next-generation financial technology company built by and for Black and Latino people.

Greenwood exists to uplift our communities and support our economic prosperity by providing convenient access to affordable, comprehensive financial services. That’s why we offer free and premium spending accounts as well as a no-fee, interest-earning savings account.
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Earn Your Leisure and Greenwood share a commitment to economic prosperity and financial empowerment for our communities and businesses.

About the Partnership

As Earn Your Leisure’s exclusive fintech partner, Greenwood aims to provide high-quality financial services to the Earn Your Leisure family while collaborating on new content initiatives that focus on growing prosperity and supporting wealth recirculation in Black and Latino communities.

Our partnership blends the authentic conversations on business and finance that Earn Your Leisure is known for with Greenwood’s cutting-edge financial technology services to help bridge the gaps in financial literacy and access to equitable, non-predatory financial services.
Partnering with Greenwood empowers you to prosper and the community to thrive.

What You’ll Get

Partnering with Greenwood empowers you to prosper and the community to thrive.

Your money starts working harder for you as soon as you open your Greenwood account with:

  • No overdraft fees
  • No fees at over 100,000+ ATMs worldwide
  • No monthly fees for our free spending or savings accounts
  • Access to your paycheck and other ACH deposits up to two days early with direct deposit

We also have a premium account option that includes:

  • An upgrade to Greenwood’s black metal debit card
  • ID theft reimbursement to help you recover from identity theft faster
  • Price protection so you can shop confidently
  • Purchase assurance to protect your purchases from damage and loss
  • Prioritized 24/7 support

With Greenwood, you get more than just an all-encompassing financial experience. You become part of something bigger – a movement to strengthen the economic potential and success of Black and Latino communities.

True to this mission, Greenwood gives you the ability to round up your purchases to the nearest dollar and donate the change to our charity partners such as the King Center for Social Justice, NAACP, and UNCF, among others.

Plus, through our partnership with Earn Your Leisure, you’ll also have access to exclusive merch including hoodies, t-shirts, hats, and more!

Joining Greenwood is easy

Open your account today in minutes with no minimum deposit.
Let’s start building together.

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