Behind the Scenes of Making Greenwood

This interview series explores the ups and downs throughout the creation of Greenwood, the digital mobile banking experience for Black and Latino customers. Ever wonder what it takes to build a brand like Greenwood?

Watch this series to find out!

The Making of a Black Tech Company | Trailer

Check out the trailer of this video series to see how Greenwood got started, see the challenges the team faced along the way, and all that’s involved in the process of building this brand.

Raising $30 Million for Greenwood | Ep. 1

Inspired by civil rights leaders, Greenwood co-founder and chairman Ryan Glover raises over $30 million to hire best-in-class talent and eliminate predatory lending.

The Greenwood App Design | Ep. 2

Dealing with the difficulty of remote team operations, Chidiebere Kalu, Greenwood’s Director of Product designs the Greenwood app while working from his parent’s house.

Life-Altering Visit to the Greenwood District | Ep. 3

Our VP of Marketing Operations Toyin Adon-Abel has a life-changing experience after he visited the Greenwood District in Tulsa, Oklahoma and met descendants of survivors of the Tulsa Race Massacre.

For more stories about the Tulsa Race Massacre, watch the series: Untold Stories of the Black Wall Street.

Creating and Testing the Greenwood Debit Card | Ep. 4

While Lynn Tillman Cherry, Chief Compliance & Risk Officer, takes us through the process of creating the Greenwood debit card, VP of Operations Toyin Adon-Abel describes visiting the manufacturing plant and testing the cards at home.

Building Community with Culture & Technology | Ep. 5

After Ryan Glover focuses on combining culture and technology to build community, Greenwood team members Kalu, Lynn, and Dylani Herath talk about the different cultural experiences they bring to the table.

Finding Office Space for the Greenwood Team | Ep. 6

With employees physically located across the city, Programs Lead Michal Allen finds office space to provide a collaborative environment for the Greenwood team.

Launch of the Greenwood Customer Support Center | Ep. 7

As a way of staying connected to customers, Craig Jones, Head of Product Operations, helps set up a customer support center.

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