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As Greenwood’s official Certified Financial Planner Rianka R. Dorsainvil, CFP® shares her personal financial nuggets via Greenwood Daily bites.

Catch her weekdays as she breaks down the most timely information on taxes, investments, legacy building, and so much more.

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Tax Tuesdays, Greenwood Daily

Taxes: It’s Time to Hire a Tax Professional

Aired on: 01 Mar, 2022
Sometimes DIYing your taxes will help you save a bag. Other times it can make you fumble the bag. Here are a few reasons to consider hiring a tax professional this tax season.
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Protecting the Wealth Thursdays

Parents: A Will with a Guardianship Clause is Important

Aired on: 24 Feb, 2022
This one is for the parents: Have you considered who will care for and raise your children should you be unable to do so? This is why a will is so important.
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Small Business Wednesdays, Greenwood Daily

Do Not Mix Business and Personal Assets

Aired on: 23 Feb, 2022
One of the best pieces of advice I received when I first started my business? Treat your business and personal assets like church and state. They are not supposed to mix.
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Tax Tuesdays, Greenwood Daily

Top 3 Things to Consider When You Receive Your Tax Refund

Aired on: 22 Feb, 2022
So, you filed your taxes and are expected to receive a refund. Here are the top 3 things you should consider when those dollars hit your bank account.
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Money Mondays, Greenwood Daily

New Year’s Resolution Check-in! How Does Your Wallet Look?

Aired on: 21 Feb, 2022
New Year’s resolution check in time! Two months into the new year, how is your wallet looking? Let’s get real, are you holding up on your New Year’s resolution?
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Money Mondays, Greenwood Daily

Give the Unique Gift of Brand Ownership

Aired on: 14 Feb, 2022
Looking for a unique gift? Make your loved one an owner of their favorite brand! Certified Financial Planner Rianka Dorsainvil tells you how.
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